The Public Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan (the PPP) was established in 2007 as a joint initiative of the U.S. State Department and leading private attorneys in the U.S.  The PPP was founded by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and continues under Secretary Hillary Clinton, to provide support for the nascent Afghan legal community as it develops the institutional capacity to support peace, human rights and democracy.

Secretary Rice Establishes PPP

Since 2007, the PPP has secured over $1 million in payments and pledges from top U.S. law schools to provide LLM scholarships to Afghan lawyers.  The LLM Scholarship Program has expanded each year, from one scholar in 2008-2009 to eight scholars this academic year.
An LLM Scholar with Friends of the PPP President Kerry Healey and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
In addition, the PPP has sponsored several training programs for Afghan lawyers.  In 2007, the University of Utah, SJ Quinney College of Law hosted a training for 19 Afghan prosecutors.  In 2009, the PPP held a training for 14 women lawyers and judges in California and Washington, D.C.   In 2010, 8 leading defense lawyers came for a training in Boston and Washington, D.C.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with women lawyers and judges in D.C. 
In 2009, the Executive Committee of the PPP established the Friends of the Public Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan, a 501(c)(3).  The Friends of the PPP administers the activities of the PPP and allows organizations to make tax-deductible donations to fund low-cost, high-impact projects to strengthen the justice system in Afghanistan.